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Capitan Ziemowit Baranski

Barański - polski text Baranski - text in English
He was the Capitan of sailing ships through Atlantic Ocean in both directions. He sailed through East Pacyfic and other areas like Caribbean Sea, Black Sea as well as Medditarean Sea ovisiting 193 ports in many countries.
He crossed  Horn two times navigating Tall Ships - 22 XII 1988 r. 1000h on STS "Pogoria" in the direction from east to west (with "International School Afloat" on board), and 22 I 1999 0651h on STS "Friderik Chopin" in the in the direction from west to east (with "Christian School Afloat" on board).

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Capitan mentioned on pages of Brotherhood of Brig.
"School Aflot" - text will be translated into English soon.
School No 14th

One of the most significant "School Afloat".In the Kartagena harbour Brotherhood of Brig has been initiated.

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Some history.

Novembro 24, 2005. Visit of STS F.Chopin.

Conquerors of the Horn. Visit Ushuaia.
Photo gallery -  Roenne and Sassnitz.
One of the sailing trip.