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White-washed houses overlooking a ravine by the sea. Lakes of clear blue water at the bottom of deep craters. The striking green of the landscape. A community that still keeps up long-standing traditions from a bygone age. Corvo is an enchanting spot, a strip of land set in the centre of the ocean which takes us to a world which time forgot, preserved by years of isolation. A memorable experience which you will never forget.


Flores is primitive nature gone wild. This is in evidence from the peaks and hills which sweep steeply down towards the coast. From the blue mirrors of its seven lakes which shine like faded jewels out of the enveloping green. From the constant murmur of waterfalls cascading down from the top of the slopes towards the sea. And, above all, the rainbow of colours sprinkling the entire island with all manner of hues.



Graciosa - an enormous cavern penetrating the very depths of the earth. Vineyards sprout between the walls of black stone. The white silhouette of a windmill stands out against the blue sky. The serenity of a life practically cut off from the rest of the world, following the rhythms of the seasons. This is the universe of the small island of Graciosa, framed by the white, frothing sea. Where each day of your holiday is a refreshing pause or a deep encounter with serenity

Sao Jorge

The infinite hues of green extend over valley and mountain alike. The views overlooking the island of Pico and its impressive mountain. The tranquillity of vast open spaces where the silence is broken only by the songs of the birds and the cries of the hawks. This is Săo Jorge, a huge stone vessel whose anchor is cast forever in the deep blue sea. The perfect destination if you’re looking for holidays where you can be at one with nature.



Experience the rush of a duel fought out with a combative swordfish. Meet yachtsmen from all over the world during happy hour at a local bar. View the mysteries of volcanic caves where shoals of multi-coloured fish hide out. These are just some of the activities lying in store on the island of Faial where an action-packed holiday awaits you. These also blend in well with the white-washed houses of Horta, city of romance and adventure. The sweeping greenery of the rolling hills and vibrant reds of the picturesque windmills. The contagious rhythm of a life where tranquillity and happiness are spiced by a dash of energetic cosmopolitan atmosphere



Everything about the island is on a large scale. Its mountain which rises up from the sea to touch the sky. Its sperm whales which are on view for the tourists. Men with Herculean strength transform the dark lava into houses, vineyards, and tilled fields.

Visiting Pico is like entering a world in miniature built up over centuries by whalers, farmers and fishermen. For a holiday of many contrasts, from the slopes of old volcanoes, the taste of fresh sweet figs and grapes to the enchanting panoramic views and snug villages overlooking the sea.



Many were the galleons that cast anchor here, weighed down with cargoes of spices from the East and gold and silver from America. The straight streets of the city take visitors back to the atmosphere of the 17th and 18th centuries. Admire the green patchwork of level fields dotted with the white silhouettes of dairy cows. The brush-strokes of vibrant colour between white-washed houses. The laughter and pirouettes of boys showing off their talents at the traditional "tourada ŕ corda" - a variation on bullfighting. Enjoy a quieter moment on a golf course bedecked with flecks of criptomerias from Japan.

This is the kaleidoscope of shapes, scents and colours awaiting the visitor on the island of Terceira. Where past meets present to provide you with fulfilling, rewarding holidays.


Sao Miguel

Picture lakes of breathtaking beauty. All the hustle and bustle of a large city alongside ample quiet green open spaces adorned with flowers. Museums, churches and palaces embellished with treasures of art and history. Golf, walking and cycle paths, horseback riding... Or simply some time relaxing in the sun and sand. All this and more on an island catering for those who love culture and sports... or who simply delight in the contemplation of Nature



Santa Maria

The slopes are like colossal staircases covered in vineyards. The typical slender, elegant chimneys serve as a reminder that early settlers hailed from the south of the Portuguese mainland. From the pages of history of Vila do Porto and Anjos, where Columbus set foot after his first trip to America. This is the charming island of Santa Maria, bathed in constant sunlight