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The Island of Bequia

Bequia - islands flag Bequia- a small island on Grenadines map Bequia - Port Elizabeth 14th School Afloat
2nd School Afloat by Baranowski

Bequia is the country's second largest island. It is a wonderful, hilly place, covered with lush vegetation and it was once an important shipbuilding and whaling center. Nowadays it's an important yachting destination, with most people heading for the commercial center of Port Elizabeth on Admiralty Bay. On the island's southern coast is the tourist resort of Friendship Bay.

Accommodation is available in most towns on Bequia. The island is 10 km south of the country's main island if Saint Vincent.

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The romantic island of Bequia is a beautiful lush island with some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean. The island is a great place to make friends from all over the world, go on a day sail, go hiking, or just "lime" under a coconut tree with your favorite beverage. Sailors have known about the Grenadines for much longer than divers but divers are finding out it's a natural place to be. Bequia is generally considered south of the Hurricane belt and has been spared for many years from any serious damage.
Bequia was named the island of the clouds by the Caribs, (pronounced Bek-way) this is the largest of the St Vincent dependencies with a population of 4,874 (1991 census). 9 miles S of St Vincent and about 7 miles square, Bequia attracts quite a number of tourists, chiefly yachtsmen but also the smaller cruise ships and, increasingly, land-based tourists. Tourism is becoming much more important as more cruise ships stop and the number of yachts increases. More hotel rooms and apartments are being added. The island is quite hilly and well-forested with a great variety of fruit and nut trees. Its main village is Port Elizabeth and here Admiralty Bay offers a safe anchorage.

Bequia has long been a island of yachtsmen. Isolated enough to remain unspoiled, yet lively enough to offer something special for just about everyone. It provides a splendid combination of the old and new that so many find enchanting. It brings so many back year after year.

Boat building and repair work are the main industry. Experienced sailors can sometimes get a job crewing on boats sailing on from here to Panama and other destinations. For maps and charts (and books) go to Bequia Bookshop, which is very well stocked, run by Patrick and Heather Reynolds.

The nearest beach to Port Elizabeth is the pleasant Princess Margaret beach which shelves quickly into the clear sea. There are no beach bars to spoil this tree-lined stretch of soft sand. At its S end there is a small headland, around which you can snorkel to Lower Bay, where swimming is excellent and the beach is one of the best on the island. Local boys race their homemade, finely finished sailing yachts round the bay. In the village is Kennedy?s Bar, a good place to watch the sunset with a rum punch.


The centerpoint of Bequia is the town of Port Elizabeth, a favorite stop of yachtsmen for supplies, repairs, or just plain fun.  It wraps around Admiralty Bay and has a waterside sidewalk, called the Belmont Walkway which connects the cute jumble of shops, restaurants, bars, and small hotels lining the shoreline. 

The ferry dock and Tourism Office is the central point of "downtown" Port Elizabeth which has local stores, boat supplies, groceries, a mall, and the market - a collection of tables selling everything from t-shirts to handmade things.  Kenny took a picture of me standing beside a small fruit stand under the shade of a giant Breadfruit Tree: 


A scenic route along Industry Bay to Park Bay beach to  visit the Hawksbill Turtle Sanctuary on the northern end of the island to see these endangered species in all sizes from tiny hatchlings to 2 year olds ready to be returned to the sea. 

Mount Pleasant which had great views of the ocean and nearby Grenadine islands.

Bequia is a charming destination for people looking for "get away" surroundings at reasonable vacation costs.  Those planning extended stays will find lots of "housekeeping holiday" apartments and cottages, houses to rent, and other comfortable accommodations.  A variety of restaurants offer everything from cafe food to romantic candlelight dining.  Beaches are abundant and watersports abound - sailing, day trips, scuba, windsurfing, snorkeling, and fishing.   Just about anything you might want to do on a Caribbean vacation.