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A private island in the Grenadines



   Private Island Mustique - Grenadines  

Mustique's 18th century cotton and sugar plantations have been replaced with 50 magnificent secluded villas hidden along its vast shorelines and hillsides.  It has only one luxury resort called Cotton House with 20 rooms, and the elegant Fire Fly Guest House with 4 rooms.  This is a very private island visited only by a few who seek seclusion and serenity.

It is owned by the Mustique Company which manages the entire island and carefully controls growth to protect the natural beauty and ambiance.  You won't find cruise ships in the harbor, only occasional yachtsmen drifting through on their way to somewhere else in the Grenadines.  You won't find shops galore either, just a couple of small boutiques.  There's one little town with one bar and restaurant, the famous "Basil's Bar & Restaurant".   Seven large gorgeous beaches embellish the island with lots of spots to snorkel, fish, or swim.  We found our days in Mustique some of the most relaxing that we've ever spent in the Caribbean. 
Mustique is 18 miles south of St. Vincent and 110 miles west of Barbados.   You can sail there on a yacht or take a commuter flight.  Mustique Airways, Trans Island Airways (TIA) and SVG Airlines has "shared charters" from Barbados and St. Vincent, plus will do private charters to and from other islands in the Grenadines. 

You can't really get lost, even though some of the dirt roads aren't marked on the southeast side.  From Cotton House, we passed the end of the airport runway and turned right at an intersection toward "town".  The road snaked its way down a steep hill then ran flat along the shoreline.  We found a cute boutique and an ice cream parlor not far from a tiny food store which featured wine of all kinds and flavors. 


The Fire Fly was once a villa, but was converted to a 4 bedroom inn a few years ago.   This cross between a cliff house and a tree house clings to the side of a steep hill at the top where the restaurant and bar are, then cascades down to two pool gardens.  The rooms are tucked in and around multi-level terraces and are spacious suites with unbelievable views.

500' mountain where the paved road suddenly ended and we depended on our mule to get us safely along the dirt roads.  The views were outstanding and we passed through some gorgeous tropical forests. 

The east side of the island has more miles of beaches and we drove down several side roads to reach them.  The surf is full of waves and strong currents, so most simply walk the beaches and enjoy seaside picnic lunches. Lots of spectacular villas are on the northeast side of the island - we could see them in the distance; very few are near the roads.

Bequia seemed just beyond the palms when in fact, it's over 10 miles away.